School Rings

Whether you are about to graduate or if you graduated 50 years ago, even if your school no longer exists, at you can design and order any class or school ring for ANY school for ANY graduation year. There are many ways you can design your ring depending on what you want it to look like.

Bezel rings are the most popular style for school rings as they have the most options and features available.


These are the rings you normally see worn by school graduates. Your school name goes on the bezel (top) and you can choose from the extensive selection of shank and top images in our library or give us your own custom image to add.

Use our online Ring Designer to design and order your custom ring.

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These rings are very similar to the above Classic rings but these are bigger and bolder. In the past, these rings were only available to sports teams but with us, you can order a school ring using these models as well.

Use our online Ring Designer to design and order your custom ring.

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These are primarily ladies’ rings with a variety of options. Add your school name or anything you want for a unique memento of your achievements.

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Historically, all school rings were Signet Rings. Simple and elegant they are still very popular with Colleges and Universities. They typically display the school name and logo on top. On the shanks, we put can put your degree on one side and year of graduation on the other.

Signet Rings cannot be designed online. If you are interested in these rings, please contact customer service.

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These flat top rings come in a variety of top designs. You will be amazed at the wide variety of options available to personalize your ring. Choose from our extensive library of shank designs or add your own custom image/logo.

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