You have both a Satisfaction Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty.

30 Day, Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

We recognize that you might be concerned about purchasing a ring that you have not had a chance to try on. However, we are confident in quality of the product and service you will receive that we offer an unconditional, no questions asked money back guarantee:

If, within 30 days of receiving your ring, you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return the item for a full refund of the ring purchase price (not including shipping charges and/or custom mold/tooling charges, if any). There are no “re-stocking fees” or hidden “admin fees”.

Or use the money to purchase a new ring.

The products must not be worn and must be returned in its original packaging. In all cases, you are responsible for the cost of shipping the ring back to us.

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a “lifetime warranty” against defects in materials and workmanship.

What does mean with no legalese? If there is a problem in the ring due a defect in the material or original workmanship, we will fix the problem at no cost to you.

What type of problems may we see and coved under the warranty? To be honest, not much. If there is such a problem, you would see it in the first few weeks.

Examples may be:

It is more important to understand what is not covered in this Warranty. Here are some issues that are not covered under the Warranty:

[1] Normal “wear and tear” is not covered under the warranty. Some people are “hard” on their rings. That means, they are frequently rubbing it, banging it, etc. Under these conditions, it is possible that:

Resolution: Other than details being rubbed away (cannot be fixed), most other issues can be fixed. If you have problems. contact us and we will tell you how to get it fixed and at what cost.

[2] Finger size changes are not under warranty.

Resolution: Contact us and we will determine what can be done. All metals except the stainless steel can be re-sized.

In all cases, you are responsible for the cost of shipping the ring back to us.