Metal Finish

You can choose from nine different metal options. Metals come in white or yellow color and in a Natural or Black Antique finish.

Yellow metal with Black Antique Finish

Yellow metal with Natural Finish

White metal with Black Antique Finish

White metal with Natural Finish

In both cases, the majority of what you see (the surface level) is polished to a shiny gloss. The finish refers to the background of the details, the area behind the shiny parts.

With a Natural Finish, the background is sand blasted to a matt texture. The matt in the background contrasts with the shiny surface so we can see the details better.

With the Black Antique Finish, the background is made matt black which enhances the details of the shiny surface level.


85% of ring are ordered with the Black Antique Finish,

Natural Finish is not recommended on rings made in Jewellers Stainless Steel. The natural background does not get matt enough to get a good contrast with the shiny surface level.