General FAQ's

  • The LLC was established in the year 2000 and we have been selling online since 2001.
  • We have created over 750,000 unique designs we have shipped to almost 100 countries worldwide.

  • The LLC has its corporate headquarters is in Wilmington, Delaware, USA.
  • Customer service offices are in New Jersey (USA) and British Columbia (Canada). We expect to have an office in Asia in 2021 to service Asian customers.
  • Manufacturing is in the United States and Canada. We are exploring opportunities to set up manufacturing in Europe and Asia next.

Note: for security reasons, we do not publish the physical locations of our offices or factories.

You have two options:

  • We can ship you a free ring sizer
  • You can pass by any jewelry store or even a Walmart/Target and get your finger sized.

Absolutely. The majority rings we sell are single rings to individuals.

Absolutely. You can get a ring made for any school for any year even if that school no longer exists or has changed its name.

Custom rings cannot be returned to a shelf in the hope that it will be bought by someone else and we are taking a business risk by offering this feature. However, we do this for two reasons.
  • We appreciate that our customers are taking a "leap of faith" by purchasing from us without seeing samples beforehand. As such we want to give them every opportunity to returns any ring they do not like.
  • Frankly, the rings we provide are of such high quality compared to anything else out there that we regularly surpass the expectations of our customers and as such we get almost no returns.

Absolutely. You can choose the “custom” option and provide us the image you want to use.

No. We have eliminated all printed brochures by putting all our information on our website.